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Superintendent's Report - February 2024

We are nearing the 100th day of school and in primary grades, this is an important day of learning! All of our students are about halfway through the year, many have begun second semester, and everyone is in full learning mode in their classrooms, outdoors and in their communities. They are connecting with one another, sharing knowledge and experiences, embracing the world around them and working with educators to develop the skills they need to become lifelong learners.

Woman in black blazer and magenta shirt smiling and standing in front of green bush with pink flowers with sunshine beaming from behind.

Art Adorns the Hallways at SES

Student leaders in Mr. V's class assisted in choosing the design and words to guide the school community into our new year together. Other classes have posted their snow people, bear focus, and animals in nature. Enjoy!



Welcome to 2024!

"Hope' is the thing with feathers" by Emily Dickinson

‘We Are Learners’:


All Bundled Up

With the arrival of snow, there has been much fun to be had! Whether the option be outside, for building, climbing, sliding, sledding and/or stomping kids are well dressed and up for it all. Others have elected to join one of our weekly rotating inside clubs. For example, on Tuesday’s, we have Floor Hockey for grades 3-6 and book club (for all). Other opportunities to create, connect, and sweat are these: Wednesday’s sewing club, Thursday’s ribbon skirt making, and Friday’s volleyball option.

Primary school child in pink snowsuit and white hat with animal ears smiles in school yard on snowy day, with children playing in the background.

Ambler donates toques

A huge thank you to Christian and Jackie from Ambler in Nelson, who donated 22 plus toques for Salmo kids.


Sharing the Joy - Our Winter Concert

Salmo Elementary held our winter concert, which was a huge success, to a full gym and student body to end off the first part of this school year. 

While families kept on arriving for the daytime performance, we had to shift to bring in more chairs to house the excited family’s, relations, and even some neighbors. 


Superintendent's Report - Midwinter Edition

Midwinter is upon us - a time when SD8 students and educators look forward to sharing and showing what children have learned and the talents they have developed in the first half of the school year. It's a time when family and community are invited into our schools to watch - and in many cases participate in - holiday concerts and events. 

A single white snowflake on a red and black mossy background

Kootenay Savings Artist

Bennett Grant of Salmo Elementary is a published artist! Great job Bennett for your winning calendar submission for Kootenay Savings Credit Union. The calendars are now hot off the press, so remember to check out the month of September. Thank you teachers for creating these opportunities to celebrate our creative kids. 

Children's drawing

Vancouver Sun Adopt a School Successful Grant Application

We are very thankful for our successful grant application totally $7000 to support our students food and coats/boots needs. Thank you to the Vancouver Sun's Adopt a School grant. When the funds arrive in the new year, the plan for the funds will be shared. 

Food Security

Food Program

Due to the amounts of food being provided from the BC Fruits and Vegetable program, we have been finding it best to supply each class with a full tray of veggies, fruits, cheese strings, milk, yogurt, apple sauce, fruit leather, and sandwich/wraps. Each Tuesday we have parent volunteers who support hot lunch, in which families can pre-pay PAC to assist in this convenience program for families.

Veggies all day long!