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Salmo Elementary Cross Country Run

On October 14th, 32 determined and enthusiastic Salmo Elementary students went to Lakeside Park for the 2022 Cross Country Run. This was the first run in 2 years and the students certainly rose to the occasion! The team had trained for multiple lunch recesses each week up until the race, and while some were more enthusiastic than others, the practices showed the grit and dedication of our students.

At the race, the energy was electric, smiles and hi fives abound, and exemplary sportsmanship was on display as the teamed cheered on runners during each race. The older students showed their leadership by running warmup activities throughout the day. The students of Salmo represented the community well and I could not be prouder.

The team did awesome with 20 students coming in the top 10 for their age groups. All students showed incredible stamina and persistence. A big shoutout goes to Felix Tremblay for his leadership and dedication. He showed up for every practice, completed the run, and encouraged other students to do the same.

Well done, team! I’m looking forward to more physical activity throughout the year.

Mr. K