In Remembrance

November 10th 2022

Students and staff at Salmo Elementary School recognized Remembrance Day on Thursday Nov. 10 with an assembly and an art walk. 

All classes learned about the importance of Remembrance Day, and the meaning it has to us as Canadians. Students then created various pieces of art which was displayed throughout the gym during the assembly. 

There were multiple music performances hosted by Ms. Nieva-Carter and the students did a wonderful job!  She notes: 

Congratulations to everyone who performed at our Remembrance Day assembly.  Not only were you confident performers, you were a respectful and attentive audience as well.  The last two weeks were especially tricky for the 5/6s in Mr.V and Mr. Caulford’s classes.  Almost every rehearsal was different as partners (and teachers) got sick, readers changed on the fly, and instruments had to be switched and swapped.  We just had to roll with who was there in the moment!  It was a lesson in resilience and perseverance and both classes showed great leadership at the assembly!  Thank you to teachers who organized and stayed late to put up all the beautiful artwork as well.  I am so proud of everyone’s hard work.   

Please see our photo gallery for pictures of the art walk. 

Enjoy your day off with family to mark this occasion. 

May we never forget...