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Food Program

Veggies all day long!

Due to the amounts of food being provided from the BC Fruits and Vegetable program, we have been finding it best to supply each class with a full tray of veggies, fruits, cheese strings, milk, yogurt, apple sauce, fruit leather, and sandwich/wraps. Each Tuesday we have parent volunteers who support hot lunch, in which families can pre-pay PAC to assist in this convenience program for families. Leftovers from hot lunch are also available during the week for those who would like a little homecooked soups and/or pasta (school supporting any and all that are hungry). Backpack buddies are also available to any families that would appreciate small snacks and meals for their child. If any of you would like to be added to this program, please reach out to either Jayne (Clerical) or myself.

Hot lunch a continued celebration