Code of Conduct

At Salmo Elementary, our focus is to:

  • Establish and maintain safe, caring and orderly environments for purposeful learning
  • Establish and maintain balance among individual and collective rights, freedoms and responsibilities
  • Clarify and publish expectations for student behavior while at school, while going to and from school, and while attending any school function or activity at any location


Salmo Elementary’s School Code of Conduct is built on the foundation of the B.C. Human Right’s Code; it prohibits violation with respect to discriminatory publication and discrimination in accommodation, service and facility in the school environment.  It is the guideline of which all who enter our school must act. Please see the School District 8 Policy 310 for more information. 


Key aspects of our Code of Conduct revolve around honouring one another through seven key values. These include:

  • Love
  • Truth
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Humility
  • Wisdom
  • Respect

A full explanation of our indigenized code of conduct is attached. 


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