Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Are you a parent who is wondering how to play a more active role at the school level?  The School Act gives parents the right, through PACs, to assume an advisory role in every school. PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents of their school. A PAC, through its elected officers, may advise the school board, the principal and staff of the school respecting any matter relating to the school other than matters assigned to the School Planning Council (SPC).

PACs are forums within each school community to discuss matters affecting your school and the education of your children. Parents’ voices are a tremendous value to their school. They offer a wealth of ideas and support in the challenges that face all public schools. PACs strive to represent the diversity within their communities and contribute to the benefit of all students by providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school; involving parents in volunteer activities; and openly discussing parents’ concerns and aspirations for their schools.

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2020/21 PAC Executive

Chair - Sheri Pawlyshyn

Second Chair - Danielle Atlay

Secretary - Brittany Spavin

Treasurer - Open


Next meeting date: January 11, 6pm


Principal Reports

November 2020

February 2021

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