Salmo Elementary Halloween

Dear Parents,

Re: Salmo Elementary Halloween Costume Policy

This Friday our school will celebrate Halloween, which is a day that children and adults alike enjoy. I enjoy seeing the creativity students show when creating their costumes, jack-o-lanterns and crafts! We are looking forward to a fun day at the school.

As a school, we will be spending the morning collecting food for the food bank as part of the Halloween for Hunger initiative. We are hoping to reach our goal of gathering 2,000 pounds of food! What a great way to give back to the community on this day.

Your teacher will be sending information regarding planned activities specific to your child’s class. If you wish to send food for classroom sharing, please note that due to COVID restrictions, we cannot accept any home baked goods. However, acceptable snacks include those which are individually and commercially packaged.

As a public K to 12 school we have clear expectations about what costumes may be worn at school. Please follow the guidelines below.  All costumes must:

  • Be respectful of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation and mental or physical disabilities (as per our school code of conduct)
  • Cover the body appropriately as per the dress code
  • No guns, knives or other weapons. Any weapons (play or real) will be confiscated until the end of the day
  • Costumes should not advertise or promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, pornography, racism or intimidation. Excessively scary costumes are to be avoided.
  • Full face masks should not be worn. Make up is a good alternative. However, if a mask is important to the costume, please ask your teacher if your child can bring it. There may be opportunity for a time to show off the costume with the mask.

In addition, all behaviour while in costume must fall within the school’s code of conduct which is based on respect.  If you are not sure if your costume meets the above criteria, please ask your teacher.

We look forward to another fun Halloween at Salmo Elementary this year!

All the best,


Mrs. Dawn Snell, Principal