Salmo Elementary Breakfast Program

Dear Parents,

I am writing to let you know we are getting prepared to launch our breakfast program. It is a strong value of ours to ensure that all students have access to good and nutritional food to start their day. Historically this has involved allowing students in the building when they arrive at school to access the kitchen services at the back of the building. This year, due to COVID, we are shifting our delivery.

To help us plan, please sign your child up using this form. This will help us know the quantities required. For families with multiple children, please fill in a form for each child.

Given the nature of COVID this year, our program will be classroom based. Here are a few details:
*All breakfast items will be delivered to classrooms prior to the start of the day
*Breakfast items will be kept simple, and individually wrapped/prepared
*Breakfast items will include healthy choices and sources of protein (ie. Fruit, yogurt, etc.)
*Students will be given time at the beginning of the day to eat in class.
*Food will be provided for those who sign up. However, if a child is hungry, there will be extra for them to access.

Thank you in advance! Please note that all responses will be confidential. If you can please sign up by Monday October 26, that would be very helpful.

Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering or contributing to this service in some way, please let me know.

All the best, and have a good weekend! Hope to see many of you at the assembly on Monday at 11:15.


Dawn Snell | Principal

Salmo Elementary School

School District 8 Kootenay Lake

Phone: 250-357-2214