Reading Link Challenge coming to Salmo Elementary!

Spring is in the air, and so is an exciting reading challenge for approximately thirty-four intermediate students at SES.  They have been working for weeks to ready themselves for the upcoming competition.  Marianne Hansen, Children’s Librarian (and our esteemed competition quizmaster!) and Taylor Caron, Library Director at the Salmo Valley Public Library have partnered with us and generously purchased twenty-four brand new books to help make this exciting endeavor possible for our students.  Thank you, so much!

Each year the Fraser Valley Regional Library carefully picks and announces the RLC novels.  The challenge includes gathering interested students, highlighting the six novels, having students form teams, and cultivating teamwork as they divide the reading and keep each other accountable in preparation for competition day.  It’s open to schools all over BC and is a great way to connect with your local library. 

As our competition day draws near, students can be found all over the school with their “nose in a book” or intently listening to the audio version – which is a beautiful sight!  Competition day is Thursday, April 7, and we anticipate team banners, lots of excitement, last minute reading, fervent conferring,  racing to beat the clock, accumulation of points, and of course prizes at the end. 

SES would love to invite other interested schools (or classes) to take on the challenge.  For more information about the Reading Link Challenge, check out the website here.  Feel free to contact Shellene MacInnis via email: to arrange borrowing the books and possibly doing a school-to-school challenge later on in the spring.