Bullying Policy

Bullying is defined as repeated verbal and/or physical harassment of one or more students by another(s), possibly (but not necessarily) leading to physical assault.  We do not tolerate bullying at Salmo Elementary School.   Any incidents of bullying should be reported immediately to the classroom teacher and to the school administration.

  1. Students will be given a warning and the opportunity to work through their differences with their classroom teacher, the school counselor and /or principal.
  2. If the student(s) is again found to be bullying other students, parents/guardians will be notified and asked to meet with the classroom teacher, school counselor, and principal where appropriate consequences/restitution will be decided upon.  These consequences may include an in-school suspension of up to five days.  Consequences may also include directly supervised recess/lunch hours.
  3. Further incidents of bullying will result in a full suspension for up to five school days.  The student will only be able to return to school with directly supervised recess/lunch hours for a mutually-agreed upon length of time.
  4. Any additional incidents of bullying will result in an indefinite suspension and will be referred to the school board for further action.